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Monthly dues are due on the 1st of every month, and are late after the 10th.

CLICK Here to Pay Your

Association Dues










You will be taken to the website for Union Bank.  There is no charge when paying with an e-Check.  When paying with a credit card Union Bank assesses a fee of $14.95.


You can also mail a check to:

Peachtree Towers Condominiums

P.O. Box 105007

Atlanta, GA  30348-5007


Dues include water, sewer, electric &

basic cable (through Comcast xfiniti)


Units ending in...

A   $499

B   $499

C   $499

D   $499

E   $552

F   $499

G   $640

H   $499

I    $552

J    $552

K   $499

L   $499

M   $410

N   $499

O   $499

17-B/C $998

17-G   $854

17-M   $695


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